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Jim Wight survival behind the lines WW2.pdf
Jim Wight: Private 5776863 6th Battalion. The Royal Norfolk Regiment.
Extraordinary survival behind the lines in Japanese occupied territory WW2.
Full story in the book "A Fearful Freedom" by Robert Hammond and is also in the book "Red Jungle" by…

Womens Institute.pdf
The Women's Institute started on the 23rd February 1921 with 52 members. Members marked their 90th birthday with a special celebration at the same venue as it did 90 years ago at the Cecil Cawston Memorial Institute (Village Hall Cawston).The WI was…

Heydon Minstrels 1954.pdf
Despite its name this village concert party had a strong contingent of Cawston members. Originally conceived as a minstrel show by an American airman based at Heydon in 1953 it evolved under the direction of Jim Howard into a variety show with Jim as…
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