Search Info

Search by using the search bar, this is always present in the upper right hand area of the window. To perform a basic search, type the keyword you want to search for in the field and either hit enter on your keyboard or click the Search (magnifying glass) button.

Click on Browse Items to browse all in the collection.

 Search by collections: A dropdown of collections which are groups of items which are associated with each other.

Search by Tags: All the items have “tags” associated with them.

Search options

To access the options for the basic search, click on the ellipses (...) button to the right of the search bar, next to the search (magnifying glass) button.

The first set of options allows you to select a query type:

Keyword, or general search.
Boolean, in which you can add boolean operators like AND and NOT.
Exact match, which will only find exact matches to the word or phrase you enter.

The second set of options are a series of checkboxes for content to include in the search:

Simple Page
Exhibit Page
Exhibit summary

The Advanced Search is for Items only.

History, Stories and Photos etc:
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