Women's Institute Cawston


Women's Institute Cawston


Photo above: 90th Birthday, 2nd February 2011.


The Women's Institute started on the 23rd February 1921 with 52 members. Members marked their 90th birthday with a special celebration at the same venue as it did 90 years ago at the Cecil Cawston Memorial Institute (Village Hall Cawston).

The WI was finally able to celebrate its 100th birthday with a garden party at The Bell in Cawston in the summer of 2022. The celebration had been delayed a year because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Sadly in 2021 the WI ceased to exixt. However in 2022 a new group has risen from the ashes, the appropriately named Phoenix Ladies Circle (PLC) with plans to meet regularly at the village hall. The WI has donated a number of items to the Cawston Historical Society. Including two photograph albums..

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Des Cooke & Naomi Horrocks


Des Cooke and Naomi Horrocks


1921 - 2021


Cawston WI