Heydon Minstrels


Heydon Minstrels




Despite its name this village concert party had a strong contingent of Cawston members. Originally conceived as a minstrel show by an American airman based at Heydon in 1953 it evolved under the direction of Jim Howard into a variety show with Jim as the Norfolk comedian and compere and his wife Sylvia as pianist.

The group travelled around more than 44 Norfolk villages giving their full length show of sketches and songs for more than twenty years.

As well as the original American members of the cast Cawston was represented by Dewings: Dinah (Aves), Mollie (Mack); Teddy and David; Lees: Lennie, Alan and Roy; Howards: Jim, Sylvia, Mary and Christopher.

Heydon families: Flo and Robert Wadlow; Peggy and Wendy Knowles; Jean Rowe (George).

Taverham: Chris Hurst.

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1953 and for over 20 years.


Mary Gurteen