John Kett


John Kett


Champion of Norfolk Dialect.

Mr John Kett retired in March 1978 after 26 years as Headmaster of Cawston School.

In a few words it is impossible to do justice to what Mr. Kett has meant and means, to the school, the village and the wider community in which he has lived and worked.
In the school, it is no exaggeration to say that he has been greatly loved and respected. Recent letters of appreciation include such words as "Dear Mr Kett", "unbounding help and encouragement", "the best Headmaster we have ever known", a wonderful Headmaster", "a very good friend to myself and family He is a schoolmaster of great kindliness, understanding and wisdom, who has shared his interests and, indeed, his life with his pupils.
How he has also found time for other things is amazing in itself. A Lay Reader for many years, his work in the parish and in the Cawston Group cannot be overestimated.
For many years too, his work for the St John Ambulance Brigade was unstinted and greatly appreciated.
He is rightly known to many, children and adults alike, as a great lover of the countryside, and all aspects of natural history, a love he has passed on to so many over the years.
And what an entertainer too! How many of us have enjoyed his feel for words, whether in his published books of dialect verse, or in his songs! Very much a man of Norfolk,
He has been an inspiration to all of us. There was in him an inner strength which is difficult to define but which, most certainly, owes much to his own family life and, of course, to Mary his wife. It is sometimes easy to forget that she has been the wife of the Headmaster for 26 years as well,
I am privileged to write for many.

John Asquith.
From the Parish Magazine April 1978

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Mr John Asquith