Mills at Cawston


Mills at Cawston



It was quite unique for 2 windmills to be built on the same site as the twin mills at Sygate being only about 50 yards apart and linked by railway lines, built possibly at the same time as the 4 Mill Cottages by the road in front of the mills and bearing the date 1853-JSH.

One mill had a white cap and the other a black.

The grain for milling would come from local farmers and from Cawston railway station, it was transported from the station to the the mill by horse and cart, the horses being stabled at the mill. The black mill was on right of the white mill looking from the road and was bought by Mr Stanley Oakes from Mr Bamber Stackwood. (also coal merchant).

The Black Mill was taken down in 1955 and the brick rubble used for a private road way (Jerry's Loke) off the Booton road in Cawston, the Mill was partly pulled down by way of a girder being placed on the inside across a window, a rope was then attached and tied to a motorized timber drudge, (winch) demolition was carried out by Taylor Bros of Wroxham. the white mill would have had the same fate but was saved by the rope breaking.

In the 1970's, the 2 left cottages were made into one.

In 2003 the white mill was converted to holiday accommodation.

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