Parish Plan


Parish Plan


After a public meeting attended by around twenty five people, it was agreed to proceed with a group that would assist with the organization of the work towards producing a village plan.

The first meeting was held on Tuesday 8th April 2007, attended by ten people. The group discussed different ways to approach people in Cawston to ascertain their views on what was required in Cawston. The meeting considered Parish Plans produced by other councils and the range and scope of the possible questions.

Ideas were also suggested for contacting people who might not normally participate in such an exercise.

It was agreed to ask the steering group to consider the range of questions for a questionnaire for discussion at the next meeting which was held on Tuesday April 29th at the Scout Hut.

The questions was developed by a group of Cawston residents and the questionnaires delivered by volunteers by hand and collected one week later.

The parish Plan was then produced and completed in 2010 by Andrew Cameron-Heffer. James Livingstone. Terry Simons. John Carrick. Rob Young and then distributed.

The Parish Plan was made possible with the assistance of Cawston Parish Council. Broadland District Council and Norfolk RCC.

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Andrew Cameron-Heffer. James Livingstone.
Terry Simons. John Carrick. Rob Young.