Aylsham Road:


Aylsham Road:


The Road from Cawston to Aylsham, the B1145:

Leaving Cawston. The first right is Cooks Hill and was originally known as Stocks Hill, the stocks were in this area, probably on the site of the new houses built in 2001 opposite the Post Office, joining this road is the old school and then Marshall Howard Close, the Cemetery and Howard Way, the Howard family carried out a family business in Cawston for many years, just before Howards Way, S.J. Tooke had a garage in the 1940's,
then to the
School which came into use in 1953, further along we have as at 2012 the building used by the Auxiliary firemen used for their Green Goddess appliance, joining this was Marshall Howard's brick kiln, each brick was moulded in a wooden mould and moulded in each brick was Marshall Howard's initials M.D.H. Then to the Friendship lane being named for the Friendship Public House on this road the last turn right is Perrys lane leading to Eastgate.

Leaving Cawston.The first turn left from Cawston is to Fairfields, Fairs where held here and was formerly the Fairstead, off Fairfields the first road on the left lead to Stocks Loke, this was farm land of the White House Farm on Market Hill, probably named to remind us of the stocks being in this area. Clifford Pye Close is the other road leading from Fairfields, Clifford Pye being a Parish Councillor and local farmer in Cawston for many years. The next left is Gayford Road, this was a area used as an artillery training ground during the second world war, the houses being built in 1947, the Gayford's where farmers at the White House Farm at Market Hill.

Received by e-mail September 2011 - After looking at the interesting history of Cawston and reading my uncle Denny's memories. The photo of Tooke's garage took my attention it was taken 1931 the lad in the photo was Philip Easton ages 16 years. My father Philip left school at 14 years of age and started work at the garage which was built approx 1929. Petrol was a shilling a gallon. Philip left in 1932/33 at the age of 17/18. His cousin Alfred took over his job as he was almost 3 years younger than him. On his first day in the garage, stood a brand new Grindly peerless motorbike Billy Woods owned it. He taught my father a great deal while he was there. Later he was thrilled to be taken for a spin on it and also allowed to ride it.

Very kind regards,
Janice Whittred.

Many thanks to Janice & her father for the above and permission to use on this website.

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