William Dove 1809 - 1866


William Dove 1809 - 1866


William Dove a farm labourer was charged in 1830 with breaking a threshing machine belonging to John Bond of Cawston. He was sentence to seven years transportation to Tasmania. He was pardoned after five years and settled in Hobart with his wife Sarah Ann Stanhope. William became a man of property in Hobart, dying in 1866. To read more about William Dove and his ancestors click on the item to view in full screen.


The resource is an extract from a book by Tony Satchell. 'Linked by chains and lineage' published in Ashburton, Victoria AU in 1992. It provides a background to the Dove family, the political situation in the early 1800s and details about life in a prison ship and life as a convict in Tasmania (then Van Diemen's Land).


Naomi Horrocks


Satchell, Tony. Linked by chains and lineage. Ashburton, Vic Au1992


1784 to 1866


Extract contributed by Martin Sullivan