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Toc H



The wonderful movement of the Cawston branch "Toc H" was formed in 1953 Coronation year of Queen Elizabeth 11, this was a branch of the Toc H organization set up in the first world war in Belgian in a house called Talbot House and was a rest, friendship and kindness house for first world war solders. The

Cawston Toc H made contributions and held social events for the community, in 1954 a very kind offer was made to the Cawston Parish Council to help to build a Bus Shelter in Chapel Street which the Council received with great enthusiasm and gratitude by all members, plans were got out and the bus shelter was built as a permanent Memorial in memory of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11, sadly in about the late 1970s or early 1980s, the shelter was removed due to changers in bus journeys and misuse. Toc H meeting were normally held at Cawston School or the Village Hall, The Cawston Toc H branch ceased with great sadness in 1959.

Members Roll as at January 1955
Joseph Riley - Harold Ogden  - Lloyd White - William Wright - Peter Meaney  - Stanley White.

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Mr Lloyd White