V.E. Festival 1995


V.E. Festival 1995


Military vehicles joined the parade for the Cawston Festival, Trucks. Jeeps and Motorbikes owned by members of the Norfolk Millitary Vehicle Club and locale people in 1940s outfits joined in the parade from station yard to the market place led by stiltwalkers from the Tom Tom Troupe.

The parade was was not all on a wartime theme.

The winning float was from an earller conflict, a Viking Longboat manned by the Scouts and Cubs, runners up being the Land Army girls from the Womens Institute. 

On the Monday was archive film show by the University of East Anglia followed by a wartime singalong led by Ivan Purdy and Alan Lee.


Cawston Festival V.E. Week May 1995
Souvenir Programme and photographs

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May Purdy
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