Cemetery Gravestones Inscriptions and Locations.


Cemetery Gravestones Inscriptions and Locations.


File 1: Cemetery Map
File 2: Plan: Location Plan of Gravestones at Cemetery
File 3: Index letter A
File 4: Index letter B
File 5: Index letter C
File 6: Index letter D
File 7: Index letter E
File 8: Index letter F
File 9: Index letter G
File 10: Index letter H
File 11: Index letter J
File 12: Index letter K
File 13: Index letter L
File 14: Index letter M
File 15: Index letter N
File 16: Index letter O
File 17: Index letter P
File 18: Index letter R
File 19: Index letter S
File 20: Index letter T
File 21: Index letter V
File 22 : Index letter W


Cemetery Gravestones Inscriptions and Locations.

The Gravestone project for St. Agnes' Church, the Cemetery and Memorial/Remembrance is ongoing and will be updated as time permit which is being listed to help those people who wish to trace some of their family history.

The inscription have been taken from the gravestones and from records held by the Cawston Historical Society which are in the Heritage room at the Village Hall.

Many of the stones are now getting very difficult to read and no records have been sort. Please feel free to contact us quoting the relevant reference grave number as used within the gravestone index if you think that any plan position, or inscriptions have been transcribed incorrectly as accuracy is not guaranteed, a photo of every stone will be included whether it is readable or not.

Please contact us for enquires regarding copy photos.

Cawston Cemetery, Aylsham Road, Cawston, Norfolk, NR10 4TB.

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