Cawston Village Sign and Name


Cawston Village Sign and Name


Cawston Name:-
It is believed the Cawston Name probably originated in the Dark Ages in the 8th and 9th Centuries, the area was settled by Scandinavians who's leading family was called Kalf, hence Kalf Tun. In the Domesday survey of 1086 our village is called CAUPSTUNA and in later years it became CAUSTON then CAWSTON


In 1937 the Cawston Sign was carved and painted by Mr. H. Carter of Swaffham, it was unveiled as a memorial of the Coronation of King George V1, by H.M. Lieut, of the County, Mr Colman and given by the Parish Council, the centre panel shows a weaver at his loom, and 4 smaller panels depict St. Agnes, to whom our Church is dedicated, a Dualstone, the "brazen gauntlet" symbol of John of Gaunt, once Lord of the Manor and a Ploughman.
The B/W 1937 photo is of the sign located at the entrance of the railway station on the Reepham road, it is now located at Church Close, Booton Road. The sign was renovated by Mr Richard Howard on its 40th birthday in Jubilee year 1977 and erected in a new location at Church Close.
New Sign:- In 2001 the sign was removed and a new sign was erected made from aluminium by Soanes signs, Shortthorne Road, Stratton Strawless at a cost of £2.450.00.

The old original sign was repainted in 2003 by Soanes Signs at the cost of £500.00 and is now in Cawston Church....

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