Bomber Plane Crash WW11 at Bluestone Plantation.


Bomber Plane Crash WW11 at Bluestone Plantation.


Handley Page Hampden Bomber Plane 1941

WW11 Bomber Plane crash.

On February 10th 1941 a Handley Page Hampden bomber plane crashed into Bluestone plantation
killing all the aircrew of which one was his 21st birthday, a plaque will be fixed in memory of the aircrew on the memorial with the Lucky Strike plaque, the unveiling of the plaque will take place on Sunday the 2nd September which should include some family and friends of the aircrew.

All very welcome. The church service will be at the normal time of 10.30am and the plaque unveiling at 11.45am which will be at the memorial Booton Road.


The crash is remembered in 2018 by some Cawston parishioners,
Information about the crash was also sent to the Historical Society by Bill Sampson Son of the Cawston Policeman at that time which read....

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10th February 1941


Bill Sampson

Brian Turner

Martin Sercombe Media Projects East

Charlie Webster


Lucky Strike

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