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Jim Wight survival behind the lines WW2.pdf
Jim Wight: Private 5776863 6th Battalion. The Royal Norfolk Regiment.
Extraordinary survival behind the lines in Japanese occupied territory WW2.
Full story in the book "A Fearful Freedom" by Robert Hammond and is also in the book "Red Jungle" by…

Howard Builders Brickmaker and Undertaker.pdf
Photos of staff and invoices etc. Richard Bothway Howard's Father Norman (1904-1972) was a Master Builder trading as M.D. Howard & Son, Cawston, The business was started in 1886 by his great uncle W.A. Howard who lived at Church Farm,…

New Street.pdf
New street leading to Church Lane and Ames Court - Named after the Rev Ames and famiy and Back Lane. New Street From Memory Lane Early 1900’s by Stanley Oakes. New Street - early 1900's: On the right coming from the Aylsham Road was Marshall…

Toc H 2.jpg
The wonderful movement of the Cawston branch "Toc H" was formed in 1953 Coronation year of Queen Elizabeth 11, this was a branch of the Toc H organization set up in the first world war in Belgian in a house called Talbot House and was a rest,…
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