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Haveringland and Parishes - Country Show 1910.pdf
Haveringland and Parishes - Country Show 1910. A record attendance of upwards of 4000 were present at the seventh annual show of the North Norfolk Horticultural and Poultry Association, held in Haverland Park.... Click on file to view full…

Howard Builders Brickmaker and Undertaker.pdf
Photos of staff and invoices etc. Richard Bothway Howard's Father Norman (1904-1972) was a Master Builder trading as M.D. Howard & Son, Cawston, The business was started in 1886 by his great uncle W.A. Howard who lived at Church Farm,…

A workhouse was built on the West side of Chapel Street, a convenient white brick building accommodating 70 paupers for Cawston and adjacent parishes, it was replaced before 1845 by tenements and let by the overseers to the poor parishioners.Early…

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