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Cawston Historical Society
Meetings: Due to circumstances our Thursday evening meetings are put on hold. Please Click Here for more info about the society and the Heritage room.

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The Heritage room is at the Village Hall. To visit the  please Contact Us to arrange.

 “HISTORY IS ONLY A TICK AWAY” History & Photos Always Wanted. Please help us to collect and collate the history of our village.  Please Click Here to contact us with details. Thank you.

We would like to thank Eastern Counties Newspapers and Mr John Kett for their kind permission to reproduce various articles on this website and to everyone who have also supplied material to the Cawston Historical Society for the Cawston Heritage Centre.

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The Society welcomes all new members and volunteers to join please Click Here to contact us.

Membership of the Society runs for 12 months, the joining fees are:-

Family at one address with children under 16 years---£12.00. Couple at one address----£9.00. Single----£5.00.

The Cawston Historical Society was formed to obtain/collect the history of Cawston before it is lost.

The aims of the Society are to:-

Provide educational experiences for the local inhabitants of Cawston, Norfolk, and the surrounding area and anyone else interested in the aims of the Society.

Provide an archive with  files, newspaper cuttings, documents, photos, objects, films, tapes, maps and history of buildings etc.
Holding meetings and sorting materials and for general interest.
Making history available for future generations and for research.

Hold exhibitions and other events to promote the Society and to illustrate past and present history.

Cawston Historical Society is a member of the British  Association for Local History. (Balh)