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Welcome to the Cawston Heritage website: The Heritage Centre is in association with the Cawston Historical Society and consists of memorabilia, photos, newspaper clippings, documents, family history, maps, books, CD's DVD's, video tapes and old property documents etc. All materials can be viewed at the Village Hall - Please Click Here to contact us to make arrangements.

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Recently Added Items

Eastgate Fruit Farm.

Eastgate Fruit Farm June 2019.pdf

COMING ASHORE - Captain Horatio Carter in Eastgate. He acquired a freehold at Eastgate in Cawston around 1909 and set about establishing a fruit farm…

Then and Now

Then and Now.pdf

Photo selection of Then and Now. Click on file to view full screen....

Accumulator battery

Accumulator Battery.pdf

The Accumulator Battery was taken to the locale garage or bicycle shop and was used for the wirelesses....

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